Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) Plan FAQs

Generally, most expenses not paid by your medical or dental plan may be submitted for payment, as well as some over the counter drugs, and Medicare, Long-Term Care and COBRA premiums. Please refer to page five of the Summary Plan Description for a comprehensive list of both covered and excluded items.

No. Both active and retired participants may only receive benefit payments from this Plan for unreimbursed covered medical expenses as allowed under IRS regulations.

Yes. Your maximum account balance is based upon your collective bargaining agreement and is $5,000 unless indicated otherwise.

If your account equals or exceeds the maximum amount, you will not receive any further employer contributions to the HRA until you are paid benefits that are sufficient to reduce your balance below the maximum. However, you will continue to earn interest based on your account balance. Your collective bargaining agreement will state whether the excess contributions, which otherwise would have been made to the HRA and credited to your account, will be deposited in the Deferred Salary Plan or the Annuity Plan.

Your remaining account balance will be distributed to your named beneficiary. Distributions are not subject to taxation.