Elevator Division Dental Plan

The Dental Benefit Plan of the Elevator Industry provides you with three optional programs from which you and your eligible dependents can choose to receive coverage as listed below.

Please note, participants in the Dental Benefit Plan of the Electrical Industry should go to that plan's page for more information about their plan.

  • Empire BlueCross BlueShield Indemnity Program: You can visit the dentist of your choice, but you have to pay out-of-pocket for expenses exceeding the Plan’s maximum allowance, which is based on a fee schedule.
  • Empire Dental Managed Network Program: There are no out-of-pocket expenses if you go to a network dentist. However, you must remain with that dentist or program for at least one year.
  • DDS Inc. Program: There are no out-of-pocket expenses if you see a network dentist, but Plan limits apply. You may switch from one network dentist to another at any time.

Plan Overview

This information provides the highlights of the Elevator Dental Benefit Plan, and is applicable to all three Plan options unless otherwise noted. Complete details are available in the Summary Plan Description.

You are eligible after 26 weeks of employer contributions. Once under full employment, you must be working full time for a contributing employer for 26 consecutive weeks immediately prior to incurring a reimbursable expense. If you were unemployed during any or all of this period, you must be registered for employment in order to be eligible for Plan benefits. If you are unemployed and registered for employment, you remain eligible for coverage for up to 39 weeks.

If you retire on a Early Standard, Standard, or Disability Pension from the Pension Plan (PHBP Trust Fund), you remain eligible for benefits under this Dental Plan. This benefit applies to your eligible dependents as well.

You can cover your spouse and children. As a participant, you are able to cover your lawful spouse and children (adopted or biological) from birth up to their 19th birthday. However, full-time unmarried dependent students attending approved institutions of higher learning shall be covered up to age 26.

An original letter from the registrar’s office of the applicable institution shall be required as proof of current college or school attendance after each spring and fall semester commences. Dependent children who are enrolled in college shall receive benefits under the Dental Benefit Plan of the Elevator Industry during winter and summer college recess and within three months after they graduate from college.

Stepchildren may be covered by purchasing COBRA.

Smile, we’ve got you covered. The Plan programs cover a wide range of services, including but not limited to basic and preventative care, prosthetics and orthodontic services. Refer to the Summary Plan Description for a schedule of maximum allowances under the Empire BlueCross BlueShield Indemnity Program.

No pre-certification is needed for Empire Managed Network or DDS options.

Under the Empire BlueCross BlueShield Indemnity Program, pre-certification of benefits is required for all prosthetic and orthodontic procedures before treatment begins, but not for basic preventative services.

Plan Information

Plan Name: Dental Benefit Fund of the Elevator Industry

Plan Identification Number: 13-0891035

Plan Number: 508

Plan Year: June 1 through May 31

Type of Plan: This is a multiemployer/employee welfare benefit plan providing dental benefits to covered employees and their eligible dependents.

Plan Administrator: Joint Industry Board of the Electrical Industry

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the Dental Fee-For-Service, HMO and PPO Programs?

The fee-for-service plan allows you to go to any dentist of your choice. You or your dentist must then submit a claim form to Blue Cross for reimbursement. The Plan will pay according to its established fee schedule. The difference between the amount the provider bills and the amount the Plan pays is your responsibility.

You can download a Dental Plan claim form. Note: It is very important that you complete the correct form for the Plan you are in, as failure to do so will delay the processing of your claim and reimbursement, if applicable.

The Blue Cross Dental Managed Network Program, which is an HMO, requires you to enroll in the program and remain enrolled for a minimum of one year. Once you are enrolled, you may choose your dentist from a panel of participating dentists and then must use only that dentist for you and your family, if applicable. Covered services will be paid in full, and you will not have any out-of-pocket expense. If you use a dentist outside of the program, you will not be covered for those services.

To enroll in the Blue Cross Dental Managed Network Program, contact the Members’ Records Department at (718) 591-2000, Extension 2491.

The DDS, Inc. program allows you to enroll at any time during the year by calling DDS, Inc. at (800) 255-5681. The DDS, Inc. network is a closed panel of participating dentists who agree to accept the Plan’s allowances for covered services as payment in full. Once you have selected your DDS provider, you may make an appointment. No claim forms are required.

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