Additional Security Benefits Plan

The Additional Security Benefits Plan, sometimes referred to as the “B” Fund, provides supplemental benefits under certain circumstances to participants with existing accounts. The overview below provides highlights of the plan. Complete details are available in the Summary Plan Description. Note: All supplement benefits are payable to the extent the funds are available in the member’s account.

  • Unemployment: Up to $777 per week
  • Workers' Compensation: Up to $400 per week ($650 if not covered by E.E.S.I.S.P.)
  • Disability: Up to $400 per week ($650 if not covered by E.E.S.I.S.P.)
  • Economic Assistance: The Plan will authorize payment for certain non-reimbursed medical-related expenses
  • Financial Assistance/Residence: The Plan will authorize payment for certain delinquent mortgage or rent payments
  • Holiday: Up to a maximum of $417 per day, which varies by division
  • Vacation: Up to a maximum of $3,236, which varies by division
  • Death: Up to $ 2,000 per month paid to your beneficiary
  • College Tuition: Up to a net of $10,000 per semester, for each child until they reach age 25, or age 30 for post-graduate tuition
  • Non-College Private School Tuition: Up to a net of $10,000 per school year, for each child until they reach age 25, or age 30 for post-graduate tuition
  • Jury Duty: Up to $200 per day for each day served for those not eligible for the Educational and Cultural Trust Fund benefit
  • Funeral Leave: Up to a maximum of $2,589
  • Adoption Expenses: Up to a maximum of $10,000 once the legal adoption of a child under the age of 18 has been complete
  • Child Care: Up to a net of $10,000 annually per child
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Frequently Asked Questions

Under what circumstances may I receive benefits from the Additional Security Benefits Plan?

The Plan allows a participant to receive the following benefits, subject to the submission of proper documentation as described in the Additional Security Benefits Plan:

  • Supplementary Unemployment Benefits
  • Supplementary Workers’ Compensation Benefits
  • Supplementary Disability Benefits
  • Supplementary Economic Assistance Benefits (medical, dental, Long-Term Care, Medicare Part B and COBRA premiums)
  • Supplementary Financial Assistance Benefits (delinquent rent & mortgage)
  • Vacation and Supplementary Vacation Benefits
  • Holiday Benefits
  • College Tuition Reimbursement
  • Non-College Private School Tuition
  • Jury Duty Benefits
  • Funeral Leave Benefits
  • Adoption Expenses

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