Offshore Wind Business Network Visit


On Monday, April 8th, 30 visitors from various sectors of the international and national Offshore Wind Industry toured the Electrical Industry Training Center as part of the IPF Business Network for Offshore Wind conference 2019, of which The Joint Industry Board of the Electrical Industry was a proud sponsor.

The Business Network for Offshore Wind is non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to creating a network to usher the United States into the offshore wind market. When offshore wind becomes a key source of American energy, the impact will be monumental. A single modern offshore wind energy turbine at an appropriate site would generate 20 million units of electricity a year, enough to meet the annual needs of 11,000 households. In 2016, wind energy avoided an estimated 159 metric tons of Co2.

The goal of the visit was to introduce contractors, legislators, academics, engineers, and various conference participants and members of the Business Network for Offshore Wind, to our industry’s standards of excellence in education and innovation. Our collaboration with these important stake holders could result in significant business opportunities benefitting our industry and the planet.

Michael Yee, Director of the Educational & Cultural Trust Fund says, “Offshore wind could very well be the future of American energy, particularly along the east coast. Given our rich history of building and maintaining meaningful parts of our infrastructure, Local Union No. 3 I.B.E.W. and NECA New York offer the best labor force available to make history once again, in this new market. Today’s visit is a great way to begin that potential relationship and show the offshore wind world who we are.”