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158-11 Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Avenue
Flushing, NY  11365

Main Number: 718-591-2000

Business Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

The Joint Industry Board now has a new automated phone system! When you call 718-591-2000 you have the option of speaking to a live operator (by pressing "O") or by bypassing the operator and going directly to the department you wish to speak to by pressing the appropriate menu number or extension number.

Our Departments

Department Extension

Annuity, “B” Fund, HRA & VHUP

2222 or Press #2

Apprentice Program

1480 or Press #6


1490 or Press #5


1350 or Press #1

Legal Services



2014 or Press #3

Members’ Records

2491 or Press #4

Pension (PHBP)

1280 or Press #8

Pension (ESF)

1285 or Press #8

Education & Cultural Programs

1530 or Press #7

Electrical Employers Self Insurance Safety Plan

1250 or Press #9

Members’ Assistance Program (MAP)

1396 or Press #1

Employees Security Fund (ESF)


  • ESF COBRA, Dental and Prescription Drugs


  • ESF Medical


Annuity Department

The Annuity Department processes claims for the Annuity Plan, the Additional Security Benefits Plan, the Vacation, Holiday and Unemployment Plan, the Deferred Salary Plan and the Health Reimbursement Account Plan. For questions regarding your participation in any of these plans, you can contact the Annuity Department at extension 2222.

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The Hospitalization Department

The Hospitalization Department processes all non-MagnaCare claims for participants in the Pension, Hospitalization and Benefit Plan. If you use a non-MagnaCare provider, your claim should be submitted to the Hospitalization Department. In addition, the Hospitalization Department will assist you if you have any questions concerning your medical benefits or if you are experiencing any problems with MagnaCare that have not been resolved to your satisfaction and can be reached at extension 1350.

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Members’ Records Department

The Members’ Records Department is responsible for maintaining all the files, forms and information about JIB members and the documents needed to process benefits. For example, this department manages the beneficiary, change of address/department and benefit enrollment forms. They also maintain members’ address files, so it is very important to submit a change of address form (PDF, 15K) when your contact information changes. The Members’ Records Department also is responsible for managing participant eligibility in the Pension, Hospitalization and Benefit Plan and prescription drug program, as well as the Dental Benefit Plan of the Electrical Industry and the Dental Benefit Plan of the Elevator Industry.

This department is also responsible for maintaining eligibility in the Employees Security Fund (“ESF”) Health and Welfare Plan, as well as maintaining all the files, forms and information about ESF participants. For example, this department manages the ESF participants’ change of address and benefit enrollment forms. For questions pertaining to ESF Dental, Prescription Drugs, COBRA, address changes, and benefit enrollment forms, please contact extension 1808. For questions pertaining to ESF medical, please contact extension 1359. For questions pertaining to the ESF Pension Plan, please contact extension 1285.

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The Pension Department

The Pension Department processes pension applications and answers questions about the Pension Trust Fund and the Employees’ Security Fund Pension Plan and can be reached at extension 1280.

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Education and Cultural Fund Department

The Education and Cultural Fund Department can assist you with questions concerning tuition loans, tuition reimbursement, educational programs and various cultural events sponsored by the Education and Cultural Trust Fund. For information concerning your education and cultural benefits, please contact extension 1530.

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Electrical Employers Self Insurance Safety Plan (“E.E.S.I.S.P.”)

E.E.S.I.S.P. handles the workers’ compensation and disability claims for most Local 3 members. If you have questions about Workers’ Compensation or disability, or have questions about your claim, you should contact E.E.S.I.S.P. at extension 1250.

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Members’ Assistance Program (“MAP”)

The Members’ Assistance Program is dedicated to assisting participants and their families who may have alcohol or substance abuse problems. If you or one of your family members requires assistance with either of these issues, you should not hesitate to contact the MAP at extension 1396 to find out if you are eligible for benefits under the program.

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